The Step By Step Guide for Creating Buyer Personas

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Do you know who your ideal customer is? Do you know their age or other defining characteristics? If you don’t know this information, you aren’t using sound content marketing strategies. Before you do any sales or marketing activities, you need to know who you are even trying to connect with. You need to develop buyer personas.

Why Should You Create Buyer Personas

A buyer persona can help many of the sales and marketing efforts that your company wants to participate in. Once you have developed your personas, you know exactly who you want to sell and market to. Once you nail down your personas you will know what makes them tick. When you know what connects with your key audience, then you can use that information to properly sell and market your products to them. Different techniques work for different people. Your personas will help you be far more effective in those efforts.

How Your Buyer Persona Can Help You Resolve Pain Points

As good as sales and marketing professionals are, sometimes they may not know how to connect with every single person they come in contact with. Creating a buyer persona will help your sales and marketing team learn how to form a connection and craft messaging that will resonate with the ideal customer. It is also recommended to create a “negative” buyer persona. That persona represents what you don’t want in a customer and can help you and your teams know what to avoid.

Buyer personas can also help companies avoid the trap of thinking they know what customers want and customers like. Without the information from your personas, you don’t know what customers want. Creating buyer personas help you hone in on exactly what your customers want and need, helping you save time and money on your marketing outreach.

How To Create A Buyer Persona

The first step for creating a buyer persona is to compile all the information you have already collected on your customers. Examining this data will let you look to see if there are any patterns or trends that are already obvious. Things like age, gender, location are some trends that may stand out when you look at your available data. Also, take into account information your sales team gets when prospecting leads and any interviews you have conducted with existing clients.

Once you pull all this information together, the best way to use it is to put all of your information into a template. These templates will help you sketch out your personas. With the information that you have, you are probably able to determine what activities they enjoy, their income bracket, and many other crucial details.   

Don’t limit yourself to just one persona. As we all know, the people who do business with our companies are not monoliths. They vary greatly. Have multiple personas so you know all the different types of people who do business with you. Have fun with this activity! Give them names and backstories if you want to.

Wrapping Up

Buyer personas are crucial for any business to effectively sell and market to consumers. Take your existing data and customers to create personas of your ideal customer. This data will give you all the information you need to properly craft your sales and marketing strategies. Without this data, you may be wasting your time and money on strategies that won’t work.

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