A Simple Guide To Marketing Hacks That Have A Big Impact

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When the word marketing comes up, sometimes all a business owner can see are dollar signs. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are, in fact, small steps a company can take that will have a very big payoff. Most of these marketing hacks are relatively simple to implement and some can be performed by business owners with little marketing expertise. Let’s take a look at a few simple marketing hacks that will have a huge impact on your business.

Targeting Longer Tail Keywords

Keyword research is important for boosting your SEO (search engine optimization). But the world of keyword research has changed over time. The invention of voice search is changing the landscape of keyword research. More and more people are using voice search technology to find items on the internet. The difference in those searches versus ones completed on a computer is the phrasing. Voices searches will use the same words we use when we talk, versus the computer, which will be shorter words and phrases. To rank higher in voice searches, make sure you are researching and sprinkling longer tail keywords into your content.

Sharing Similar Content Across All Of Your Marketing Channels

There is a saying that you should work smarter, not harder. You can apply that phrase to your marketing and content creation efforts as well. If you create an amazing blog post to share on your website, that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose that content and use it across all of your channels. Can you make this blog into a video as well? Can you take snippets of it and turn it into bite-sized microblogs on a platform like Twitter? Take the content that you already have and make it work on all your channels. Of course, to get the maximum amount of attention for your content, always share and cross-promote across all of your networks.

Create Quality Content That Will Attract Attention

Anyone can create content and put it on the web. But if it isn’t good, your visitors won’t come back. Nor will future and existing customers trust you or see you as an authority on a subject. If you take the time to create quality content that resonates with your visitors, you will drive repeat traffic to your website. Quality content will also generate more likes and shares on social media, bringing even more visitors your way.

Target Keywords That Are Highly Searched But Have Less Competition

There are two competing strategies in SEO. You can either target the same keywords as your competition and go head-to-head with them, or you can go after keywords with less competition. Lots of marketers like to pick the latter of the two options. Going after keywords that have less competition isn’t a bad thing. It means you will have that part of the internet entirely to yourself. Remember, you aren’t chasing irrelevant or obscure keywords; you are merely picking different terms than your competitors. These keywords are still just as important to the topic who want to rank for.

Improving Pages You Already Rank For In An Attempt To Increase Your Ranking

A quick look at your website stats will help you see which pages on your site perform the best. These analytics can be part of your web provider’s tools, or you can use Google Analytics. These tools will not only show which of your pages gets the most traffic but also what search term brought them there. You can also see where these pages rank in web searches for the keywords used. If you think your pages perform well but you would like to see them do better, you can work on boosting their rankings. Maybe do some updated keyword research to boost your pages? Maybe it’s time to freshen up your content? Or you could use your social media channels to share these pages to bring some additional traffic to your page? All of these are easy ways to improve pages that perform well but may need a boost.

Use Social Media To Drive New Visits To Your Site

Social media has an outsized influence on modern day marketing. For some individuals, it may be the first step in their research. Luckily, most social media is free, or very inexpensive to use. You don’t even have to spend large amounts of time planning and posting each day. There are countless scheduling tools created to help marketers plan out their posts. These save you valuable hours in your day. When you use your social media tools correctly, you can drive new traffic to your website and generate additional sales for your company.

Conduct Quick & Easy SEO Upgrades

SEO can sound very intimidating. When you read about site audits, schema markups, URL slugs, and anything having to do with website coding it can sound overwhelming and like something you need a professional for. And you know a professional will cost money. While it is true that technical SEO can be costly, simple and easy fixes are not. They can be done by you and cost nothing.

Take some time to check your whether you are using keywords in your content and that you are using similar words. Another easy thing to do is to make sure your website is properly using headings. Check for H1, H2, etc in your content. If you aren’t using headers properly, you can quickly make these changes to your content. Don’t forget to sprinkle your keywords into your headers as well. These simple changes will help web crawlers better rank your page. Headers are essential for written content, as these help crawlers read your content and index what it is about.

Final Thoughts

Companies think that making marketing changes will cost a lot of money. That isn’t true at all. There are simple marketing hacks out there that will have a big impact on your business. Try a few of these today, and watch your metrics soar!

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