Five Reasons Content is Still King in 2021 and beyond

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You may have heard the old adage “content is king” which has been around for quite some time now. But how will that adage hold true in 2021 and beyond? Well, people are naturally information junkies so there will continue to be a high demand for high-quality well-written content and great social media content. Just look at the massive reach of Google, Facebook, and Instagram and that says it all. These tech giants amassed such a large audience because people naturally like to connect and consume and share content and that isn’t changing anytime soon. But what are the specific benefits to a consent strategy for 2021 and beyond?

It Builds brand awareness

Brand awareness is what separates major brands from mom and pop shops and the like. The benefits of brand awareness go without saying. When given the opportunity between a brand that has established itself and a no-name brand, given similar costs, the brand name will win out every time.

The key reason a brand name will win out over its competition is trust. Brands do a lot to establish trust with their existing and potential customers Having a consistent voice online with blogging, publishing video content and social media posts will do a lot to further your brand name in a positive way.

It helps build links

A link building strategy is best executed with at least some content marketing strategy behind it. Bloggers, news outlets and the like link out to trusted authoritative sources. Nobody links to websites and content that provide no real value to their audience. Authors and bloggers link to high-quality well-written content that informs and educates their audience.

Link building on forums and the like doesn’t provide as much value as high-quality links in the body copy of an article. So write some amazing content and reach out to some related websites to influence them to share your amazing ideas you developed in your content marketing strategy.

There is no need to focus exclusively on either content marketing or link building. Ideally, they should work together to form a well-executed link building strategy. They are strategies that complement each other and can be worked on in tandem.

Content marketing is cost-effective


Content marketing is s long term strategy but can be very effective in connecting with an audience and establishing trust for the long term. Hubspot reported that 38% of their traffic comes from evergreen content that continues to get clicks year after year. Setting up a strategy that yields long term traffic is a sound strategy. While content marketing is no an end all be all marketing strategy it surely should have a place in a well-developed marketing plan.

It is An Effective Tool for Lead Generation

Paying customers are what makes a business’s doors stay open so it’s essential to convert website traffic into customers. Content marketing can help establish trust and influence visitors to take action. In fact, Forbes reported that 71% of marketers use content marketing for lead generation. That’s big and speaks volumes for the impact that content marketing has on generating leads. That same study mentioned that 93% percent of marketers stated that content marketing generated more leads than traditional advertising.

However, a well-executed content marketing strategy falls short without an essential lead magnet. Potential customers love to get things for free so provide them a free download of an infographic or white paper. For those tech companies a great lead magnet is a freemium version or a demo version of a software package which requires an email download

It Helps Build Trust With Your Customers

Building a brand was mentioned earlier in this article and building trust ties back to building your brand. Customers do business with people and brands they have established a relationship with and trust. When potential customers consume your content frequently they get a feeling of your corporate values and have a better understanding of what sets you apart from other brands.

When potential customers consume your content they form opinions on whether you are honest and ethical and whether they would like to do business with you. Having key members of your team write the content will help foster this trust with your potential customers. A CEO or key member of your team is an ideal person to have write an informative article or host a Facebook live event.

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