How to Choose an SEO Company

  • September 19, 2018
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How should you go about Choosing an SEO Company? Most people come to an SEO company either after, during or before just started a business. In fact, many business owners and marketing managers have been to various SEO companies already, shifting to different providers because they were unsatisfied with the results. The thing is, nobody really wants to waste their time and money. As much as possible, it’s important that your investments pay off for you as to avoid losses for your business.


This will serve as your guide in determining if your SEO company is suited to provide the expertise you can rely on to bring good results for your business. So, what should you expect from your SEO Company? And how do you go about choosing the best SEO company?


The Results


It takes time before good results from SEO takes effect. In fact, according to this Youtube video published by Google Webmasters, it can take up to a year before noticing improvements on your organic traffic and ranking. But this of course varies, because it also depends on your competition and how saturated your keywords are.


A good SEO company will give you a valid timeline based on your targeted keywords and competition. Targeting national vs locally is another element to consider when it comes to a timeframe for expected results. Your SEO company should define the industry first and identify the factors your business website needs in order to match and exceed the competition.


The Initial Meeting


Once you selected your SEO company, you should start out with the initial meeting. It could be either in person or via video call. You will be introduced to a team of people who will be working for your business, including the account manager. During this process they should ask you additional information about your business and your marketing goals.


You can tell that an SEO company cares about your business goals and objectives when they ask you in depth questions. For example, considering what it is that truly makes you stand out from the crowd. Another thing they will consider is how they can improve your overall marketing strategy by utilizing SEO and content marketing to reach your overall objectives. This overall strategy consideration will help you remain focused in your SEO efforts.


An seo company should also tell you what you can expect from them. The same way, you should also inform them what you are expecting from them. Both of you should also have a clear understanding on all aspects of the services you are going to buy from them, including the time frame, reporting and billing period.


Initial Web SEO Audit


There are some seo agencies that are offering free initial SEO web audits. However, such audit only covers the tip of the iceberg. These mini SEO audits do not include clear explanations and other significant factors.


Once you’ve chosen your SEO provider, they should run an in depth site SEO audit. The turnaround time of your audit depends on the size and complexity of your website. The bigger and more complex it is, the longer it will take to finish the audit.


If you have an existing Google Analytics account, they should request access to view your website’s previous performance. You can tell that the SEO firm you’ve chosen is knowledgeable if they are able to concretely identify some important KPIs and they set some clear future KPI goals.  They will also request for a higher access level in order to set up the goals and events you want to track. They will also make a second analytics view that will filter out spam traffic to make sure you have more valid data in order to establish a reliable baseline that you will use for future decision making.


The SEO Planning strategy


Once the audit is completed, your account manager should clearly lay out the observations, suggestions and solid step-by-step process for improving your website’s overall SEO health.. Depending on the contract you have with your provider, you will either receive an email with the changes you need to implement on the website or you may have provided them with access to the website so they can make the implementation themselves.


Regular Updates & Communications


A good SEO firm will also keep you posted on how things are going. They should send you a regular report to see how their SEO strategy has impacted your overall website performance. They will be transparent enough to keep you updated on any issues, fixes and SEO activities they carried out on behalf of your business.


Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your account manager should be able to provide you with a clear answer. If you don’t get the information you are looking for, keep asking and make sure that you and your SEO provider are on the same page.


The Bottom Line


You know that you made the best decision in choosing your SEO company if they are willing to explain their strategies, they provide you an in-depth and detailed SEO audit and they regularly keep you posted on their SEO strategies and activities. Also, they should be able to answer your questions clearly.


At SERP Marketing, we are committed to providing you the best digital marketing solutions. We offer SEO services, AdWords management, social media marketing and more. We aim to build a long lasting relationship with our clients and help them dominate the competition.


SEO results do not happen overnight, and we don’t make exaggerated promises other seo providers make regularly. We aim to implement effective SEO strategies that provide long term success for your business. We do not simply provide an SEO to do list but we provide overall strategy that is applicable and will work for your industry.


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